I have been a writer for many years, writing for parents, professionals, and in scholarly journals. My latest articles have been featured in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, Midwifery and Sexuality and Culture. I write weekly in my blog, Doulaing the Doula.

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The Dissertation

A Grounded Theory Study of Effective Labor Support By Birth Doulas

This 485 page study covers informational support and advocacy; birth doula support of fathers; a comparison of independent practice and hospital based doula care; and offers a theoretical connection between doula care, adult attachment needs, and gender based neurological responses to stress.

Because of it’s length, this dissertation is offered as 14 separate pdf documents. The first has the abstract and table of contents, which can help you to locate the chapters of greatest interest to you. The dissertation begins with a review of the relevant Literature on birth doula support and paternal experiences of childbirth. There is a detailed chapter on the Methods and procedures that were followed. Then each of the Findings are presented in their own chapter. Findings are organized into a logical scheme, no interpretation is presented in these chapters. It is a detailed analysis of the data. My analysis also led to the development of several models. The Findings models are presented in their own chapters. What I think the findings mean is presented in the Discussion chapter. This chapter also includes a theoretical model that brings everything together.

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