Videos and Podcasts

Sexuality and Birth Video and Podcast – As part of The Penny Simkin show, I was interviewed by Penny Simkin on sexuality and intimacy during postpartum. This eight minute video is going through approval to be recommended by Lamaze as a resource for parents and professionals. I’m thrilled that this free video has already proven to be helpful to people seeking connection and pleasure.  [Sexuality After Childbirth Youtube video]

Sexuality PodcastAmy Neuhadel, of The Cord in Sweden, also interviewed me on sexuality and birth, and postpartum. We’ve gotten great feedback on how helpful this TEN minute interview has been for parents and for educators.  [Intimacy and Pleasure In Your Birthing Year Link]

Giving Fathers What They Really Need In Birth  – This YouTube interview conducted by Penny Simkin gave me the opportunity to summarize the research on men and fathers (male cisgendered perspective).  You’ve loved my conference sessions on this topic, so here’s a short resource you can use as a discussion starter in your classes, small groups, or just for yourself!  [The Role of Fathers YouTube video link]

Conference and Webinar Handouts

University of Wisconsin-Madison MOMS Medical Student Group Handouts – click to download

Nurse and Doula Conversation Starter Sheet – Useful for beginning meetings between nurses and doulas.  It can provide a soft way to begin difficult conversations about expectations and conflicts that have already occurred.

From Lovers to Parents and Back Again: A Time of Shifting Sexual Identity

Handouts – pdf documents. Click to download.

Why Are We Trying To Turn Men Into Women? Meeting a Father’s Real Needs During Labor

Handouts – pdf documents. Click to download.

The Doula Effect: How and Why Doulas Help Mothers Have Shorter Labors, Less Pain, and More Satisfying Births

One of my conference presentations based on my original research on doulas is “The Doula Effect”. For a list of where I’ve presented, look at my curriculum vitae.

Circumcision Counseling in A Time of Cultural Change

Center for Ethical Decision Making  (SCU Markkula Center)

Power Point Handout of highlighted slides of presentation

These are handouts I use when educating about the foreskin and talking with parents and professionals

Educating_about_NOT_circumcising for Health Professionals

Circumcision_and_the_Foreskin trifold brochure for parents

Vulnerability_of_Men for professionals and some parents




For Birth Professionals

  • The Childbirth Connection web site is chock full of information and downloadable publications, including “What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know About Cesarean Section”.
  • CIMS – Established in 1996, the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services is a collaborative effort of numerous individuals and more than 50 organizations representing over 90,000 members. Our mission is to promote a wellness model of maternity care that will improve birth outcomes and substantially reduce costs. CIMS heavily promotes evidence based maternity care. They have amazing Fact Sheet handouts on breastfeeding, induction in labor, and the risks of cesarean delivery to mother and baby.
  • Minnesota’s Doula Bill legislating that all women have access to doula care.

 Sexuality Topic Links

  • Paul Joannides is the author of The Guide To Getting It On, the most popular book about sex available. He has a daily blog, podcasts, and videos on Youtube.
  • A Woman’s Touch Sexuality Resource Center – A unique combination of sex education, health information and tasteful shopping. Owned & operated by two women, a physician and a licensed clinical social worker, this site can provide you with accurate information, and safe and non-toxic adult products.
  • Concerned about your sexual rights? Marty Klein, PhD has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor and Sex Therapist for 24 years. He has aimed his entire career toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually adequate & powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men.  From his book: America’s War on Sex. “If you’re uncomfortable about blacks, you are a racist; uncomfortable about Jews, you are anti-Semitic. But today, if you’re uncomfortable about sex, you’re a civic leader.”