Joys And Challenges On The Path Of Service To Birthing Families

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Being on a path of service means bringing all of what you are to every interaction and centering one’s actions on the needs of the family. Being a professional means setting appropriate boundaries and acting ethically according to one’s role. By its very nature, the perinatal period is about the transformation of self and important relationships. Being involved with these intimate transformations can be life changing for the professional, especially someone with an open heart and deep commitment to this work. This does not mean it is easy nor does it come without a price.

Emotional support is the cornerstone of what doulas do, and may be what makes the significant difference in shifting obstetrical and neonatal outcomes. Most successful doulas take these abilities for granted and have difficulty explaining to others exactly what it is they do. Newer doulas who need skill development often leave the profession because they don’t know how to negotiate these challenges or grow in these areas.

In this workshop we will explore the skills of emotional intelligence that effective doulas possess and specific strategies doulas actually use when supporting laboring mothers. We will discuss the nature of fear and grief and how facilitating this process is a normal function of doula work. Being a birth professional also means having periods of confusion and self-doubt that must be navigated in order to continue on this path. We will share how those are predictable and necessary in order to grow. Lastly we will cover how to prevent trauma in our clients and in our selves.

This seminar is intended to be personally meaningful and enjoyable to attend and will utilize a wide variety of teaching methods. Midwives, therapists, and people in other birth related professions are welcome to attend.

Past Topics included:

  • Doula Profiles – Moving from Novice to Expert
  • Building Your Emotional Support Skills
  • Increasing Your Communication Effectiveness
  • Doulaing the Pregnant and Laboring Father
  • Facilitating Transformation and Grief
  • Taking Care of Ourselves

Seven DONA International CEU’s have been approved for this workshop.

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