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When the Doula Screws Up
Measuring Our Client's Birth Trauma: A Valid Screening Tool for Doulas
Why I Left DONA After 25 Years
Doulaing The Doula Toolkit for Gaining Entry to Hospitals
The Ironic Tragedy Of “One Visitor Plus Doula” Hospital Labor And Delivery Policies
We CAN All DO This! Five Ways White Doulas Can Heal Racial Inequities
Five Reasons White Doulas Need To Act In Ending Racial Inequities
Five Ways To Be Present During This Time of Public Pain and Disruption
If You Must Labor 'Alone' Without Your Loved Ones
Twelve Ways A Doula Can Help You Without Ever Being In The Room
Newborn Isolation, COVID-19 CDC Guidelines, and Infant Mental Health
COVID19 Podcast for Doulas!
Advocacy Resources for Birth, Postpartum, and Palliative Care Doulas on COVID-19
Open Your Doors, Childbirth Educators! Why Not Teach Anyone Who Wants To Know About Birth?
Doula Support
When the Doula’s Client Receives A Diagnosis
Who Are You And Why Should I Listen To What You Have To Say?
Why Don’t We Have The Doula Research We Need? Part I of IV
Why The Doula Research We Need Doesn’t Exist: Part II – Medical Politics and Practices
Doula Research Part III – Barriers To Approvals, Funding And Publishing Access
How the U.S. Women’s Movements Influence The Lack of Doula Research, Part IV of IV
Careful Now! The Black Pregnant Body is NOT Defective
Labor Support – You Mean That’s A Profession?
Hard Research: Birth Doulas Save Insurers and Hospitals Money
Should Doulas Offer Free Services Is The Wrong Question
We Need To Create Social Change That Values Caregiving
Doulaing With A Disability
We Need ALL Kinds of Doulas
The BFF You Need To Meet: Pelvic Floor Physical Therapists
Top Ten Questions For Choosing A Doula Training
When A Past Client Dies
Not Any Woman Can
How Doulas Undermine Our Own Value (it’s not free births)
A World Where We Didn’t Need Doulas
Doulaing At Midlife
Back Door or Front Door?
Want To Change Birth Tomorrow?
When Midwives Don’t Recommend Doulas
Busting The Myth of Privacy in Hospital Birth
Doulaing For Friend’s Births
Birthrape And The Doula
Doulas Are Paraprofessionals
Hospital Agreements: The Wrong Solution for the Right Problem
Hospital Agreements: An Opportunity For Engagement [Part II]
What U.S. Birth Professionals Need to Understand About ICWA
Take a Doula Training, Change the World
Career Minded Participants in Birth Doula Trainings
“To Heal and Protect”: Attending Birth Doula Trainings for Personal Reasons
It’s Your Turn to Make Doula History
There’s 67 Different Doula Training Organizations! Uh oh! Or maybe not?

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