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When the Doula’s Client Receives A Diagnosis

A diagnosis is the identification of a medical condition that affects the future of the person receiving it. It may be minor or life altering, temporary or permanent. Sometimes this comes about as a result of genetic testing, a problem with the baby during pregnancy, or the pregnancy itself brings an otherwise unknown health condition to light. A medical diagnosis will often change how a person perceives their state of health or identity.  It may limit their options…

Careful Now! The Black Pregnant Body is NOT Defective

Recent press has spotlighted the tragedy of more Black women and babies dying than Whites in the United States. It has amplified the voices of Black women and allowed more people to hear their stories. As we listen to the medical horrors of women not being listened to about their own bodies and symptoms, and the medical miracles of ill babies kept alive, it’s very tempting to buy into the accompanying idea that there must be something very wrong with the Black pregna…

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How the U.S. Women’s Movements Influence The Lack of Doula Research, Part IV of IV

The last major influence on why there isn’t pressure for more birth doula support research is that it doesn’t fit neatly into a feminist or women centered agenda in the United States.   During the Second Wave of Feminism in the 1970’s, women’s health issues moved to the forefront. Exploration of women’s bodies, books on reproductive health, and access to abortion became public topics. At the same time there was considerable tension within the movement itself about ho…

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