Beginning Birth Doula Trainings

Dr. Gilliland offers two courses for people beginning their journey into birth work: Introduction to Childbirth for Professionals and the Doulaing The Doula Birth Doula Training Workshop. These courses have their own web site.  

Introduction to Childbirth for Professionals

Designed to meet the learning needs of doulas and other paraprofessionals rather than parents, it covers more than the basic childbirth information you need to get started. We examine how political, social and cultural pressures influence how care is delivered, giving an in depth and broad based look at perinatal care at the same time.  Full of learning activities, videos, and tools to use with clients, this course has a 99% satisfaction rating.

Doula Trainings for Everyone

The three day beginning birth doula training workshop is designed to help participants become expert labor support providers. It utilizes texts, a 300+ page reference manual, videos, slides, games, activities, and role play to build theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It is one step in the process of certifying as a birth doula with DONA International. 

Doula Trainings for Nurses, Physicians, Nursing Students, and Medical Students

Nurses, nursing and medical students are welcome in all workshops, but this one is designed with your career needs in mind.  The curriculum has been adapted to present both what a doula might do and what a nurse might do in certain situations. Advanced positioning strategies have been added to the curriculum. Nurses who have a repertoire of labor support skills have much more to offer their patients! While doctors and nurses are trained to focus on the processes of birth, doulas are trained to focus on the person birthing.  The most effective practitioners embrace both perspectives, which is challenging to do in the real world.

In 2018, the training has been revised to include 18 continuing education hours (CEs) for nurses.  Dr. Gilliland is licensed by the California Board of Nursing as a continuing education provider, #16959. This includes the beginning birth doula training (14 hours); advanced training in positioning to solve specific problems (1.5 hours), and training in recognizing and treating the previously traumatized patient (1.5 hours).  People with previous trauma often present with lengthy birth plans, a high need for control, and emotional lability. They may interact with distrust or a sense of fatalism. However, these responses can often be avoided if they are recognized early and treated with an appropriate protocol – which makes interaction much easier for the patient, nurse, and careprovider.

What Makes Doulaing The Doula Trainings Special? 


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