Circumcision Counseling In A Time of Cultural Change

Birth professionals often find themselves giving parents information about the intact penis and circumcision while having personal feelings regarding the procedure. In this webinar, Dr. Gilliland explores the dilemma faced by professionals and solutions for tailoring information for different audiences with clashing values. In addition, she offers strategies for professionals who wish to not serve clients planning on circumcising their male infants. As a professional doula, birth doula trainer, childbirth educator, and certified sexuality educator, she brings over twenty years of experience to her presentation.

Objectives: At the end of this session, participants should be able to:

  1. Review facts and trends regarding the intact penis through the lens of cultural change.
  2. List four strategies for discussing the intact penis and circumcision with clarity, compassion and avoiding emotional escalation.
  3. Examine the dilemma of choice through a variety of ethical frameworks.
  4. Explore two techniques for respectfully avoiding service to families who plan not to leave their son’s penis intact (circumcise) when that is important to the birth professional.

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