Sexual Anatomy with Dr. Gilliland

In this unique session, Dr. Gilliland uses sexual anatomy to explore pleasure and pain in birthing, pelvic musculature and positioning, sexual differentiation in utero, normal and disordered sexual organ development, physiologic pushing, and sexual activity as adult play.  Utilizing movement, drawing, diagrams, and group activities, these topics will come alive for perinatal professionals!

Participants should dress in stretchy clothing and are expected to use professional language.  Self-disclosure is not part of the session.


  1. Locate the ischial spine on their own pelvis.
  2. Explain the origins of disorders of sexual development and impact of DSD secrecy on new parents.
  3. Illustrate how sexual organs are differentiated in fetal development and the analogous structures on typical male and female bodies.
  4. List five reasons the U.S. is in a time of cultural change in attitudes around the intact penis.
  5. Show how pelvic muscles and ligaments work together to allow passage of the fetus through all three levels of the pelvis.
  6. Demonstrate physiologic pushing technique.
  7. Demonstrate 3 levels of Kegel muscle exercises.
  8. Compare and contrast pleasure based and orgasm based models of sexual activity.

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