Why Are We Trying To Turn Men Into Women?

Meeting a Father’s Real Needs During Labor

Description: Men are in the midst of cultural change of redefining fatherhood. What hasn’t changed yet is the cultural assumptions of perinatal professionals towards men’s involvement in pregnancy and childbirth. Taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding male behavior and needs during labor, Dr. Gilliland utilizes gender theory, highly regarded studies, and her own original research to increase the effectiveness of perinatal professionals. Participants can expect to comprehend male behavior more deeply by confronting their cultural assumptions, and bringing together their own experience with new knowledge.

Objectives: By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Review the transformation of paternal roles during childbirth from 1960 – 2010.
  2. Compare female and male communication styles that influence prenatal, postpartum and labor interactions.
  3. Trace a model of paternal influence on prenatal, labor and birth outcomes that is based on father’s unacknowledged emotional needs.
  4. Articulate relevant research on men’s experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.
  5. Understand how men’s unique perspective and increased distress during labor can lead to paternal birth related PTSD.
  6. Illustrate the unique role of the childbirth professionals to enhance men’s natural stress coping responses and enhance couple intimacy and satisfaction during and after the birth experience.

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