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If You Must Labor 'Alone' Without Your Loved Ones - 30 Minute inspirational video full of things you can do if You Must Labor 'Alone' without your loved ones! (April 2020)

A FREE 8 page guide is available at amygilliland.net

Here is the video link:  https://youtu.be/EdkjsaIYkvc

Sex After Baby: "When Sex After Baby Isn't Easy" Join my old friend Debra Pascali-Bonaro as we discuss sexual transitions that are more difficult.  I'll be talking about the stress of postpartum itself, mismatched hormones, mismatched desire, medicalization of the body, and sexual injury that happens during labor - and what people can do about it!  (April 2020)

COVID-19 and Continuing Doula Care  Listen to this podcast with all doulas need to know about COVID19, getting into the hospital and the implications for our profession and our clients! Dr. Amy Gilliland has listened to the CDC broadcasts, read the literature, written a blog post and she shares it all with you here! Ariel Swift and Cole Ramsey host A. Swift Moment with this Season 2 Episode 5 in their series of podcasts. (March 2020)

Link to podcast, https://bit.ly/2IONOil

Sexuality and Birth Video and Podcast – As part of The Penny Simkin show, I was interviewed by Penny Simkin on sexuality and intimacy during postpartum. This eight minute video is going through approval to be recommended by Lamaze as a resource for parents and professionals. I’m thrilled that this free video has already proven to be helpful to people seeking connection and pleasure.  [Sexuality After Childbirth Youtube video]

What Men Need in Labor—Isn't It Time We Cared?  Injoy Videos free webinar series Presented by Amy L. Gilliland, PhD, BDT(DONA)  Men are in the midst of redefining fatherhood. Yet, what hasn’t changed is the cultural assumptions of perinatal professionals toward the involvement of men in pregnancy and childbirth.  Taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding male behavior and their needs during labor, Dr. Gilliland utilizes gender theory, highly regarded studies, and her own original research to increase the effectiveness of perinatal professionals. This 50 minute webinar is a summarized shorter version of her highly regarded two hour keynote session on meeting the real needs of men in labor. (2014)

It's Your Turn to Make Doula History a podcast interview by Gena Kirby of Progressive Parenting Radio. In this frank and fun sixty minute discussion about the role of doulas in changing society, Dr. Gilliland outlines the top ten things she wishes doulas knew. Doulas have the power to change people's lives for the better, but rarely see themselves as the powerful influence they can be.Gena and Dr. Gilliland also discuss the role of local doulas in discovering, celebrating, and keeping records of the history of the doula movement in their local area. (2017)

Giving Fathers What They Really Need In Birth  – This YouTube video interview conducted by Penny Simkin gave me the opportunity to summarize the research on men and fathers (male cisgendered perspective).  You’ve loved my conference sessions on this topic, so here’s a short resource you can use as a discussion starter in your classes, small groups, or just for yourself!  [The Role of Fathers YouTube video link] (2015)

Sexuality Podcast – Amy Neuhadel, of The Cord in Sweden, interviewed me on sexuality during birth and postpartum. We’ve gotten great feedback on how helpful this short interview has been for parents and for educators.  [Intimacy and Pleasure In Your Birthing Year Link] (2014)

Nitrous Oxide Use in Labor An interview with Marie Walter, CNS – 12 minute interview about the realities of implementing a nitrous oxide protocol at Gundersen Lutheran hospital in La Crosse, Wisconsin - the first in our region. Open Discussion Guide  Very eye opening about how hard institutional change can be.  (2016)

Birthrape And The Doula - Birth Allowed Podcast with Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly: "Two years ago, when I went around the U.S. talking about women’s rights in childbirth, I asked groups of doulas between Los Angeles and Manhattan what they wish they could tell their clients, but can’t. Over and over, the answer was: “I wish I could tell them they will probably be assaulted in childbirth.”  These doulas were distraught and traumatized.  They felt helpless.  Imagine how their clients felt.

So what does a doula do when her client is being violated right in front of her?  I’ve been piecing together the answer to that question for some time now, and Amy Gilliland’s new article “Birthrape And The Doula” is her own “piecing-together” from many years of observation, firsthand experiences, and research.  It’s a must-read article, and this is our conversation about the topic and her article." (2016)

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