Advanced Positioning Strategies

In this completely revised session, participants learn in more depth about pelvic anatomy and positioning with several different applications. One, participants learn and practice three different positioning techniques to alleviate some common discomforts of late pregnancy and influence the eventual position of the baby. Two, together we review and integrate new information about positions during pregnancy and labor that enhance fetal descent – including prodromal labor (a long latent phase). Three, I cover strategies to use during labor to prevent and correct fetal malpositioning (including occupit posterior presentations when mom has an epidural). Four, I analyze the implications for the doula of the Lieberman study regarding fetal movement during labor. Fifth, I am trained in advanced use of the peanut ball in labor through Cheri Grant, RN of Premier Birth Tools and Polly Perez, RN.

This session is taught “hands on” in small groups so more than one trainer or one session may be needed depending on the size of your group.

Length: 120 minutes

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