Level Up Your Doula Business!

This session brings together your joyful, creative playful mind and your analytical, organizational, goal oriented mind.  We will start with the concept of Ikigai or Joyful Purpose and the DTD Marketing Exercise in your training manual, and then use mind mapping techniques to tap into the creative part of your brain.  We will spend time visioning your end goal/result, and then creating steps to get from there back to here utilizing S.M.A.R.T. goal techniques. Along the way you will have individual and group feedback about your plans, reflecting back your own brilliance and overlooked talents, and affirming the good ideas you already have. The trainer facilitators and group members can also provide critical feedback based on their own experience and talents.

This session is designed to be helpful for the novice doula just starting out as well as the experienced doula wanting to deepen their market penetration or expand their individual business into a partnership, collective, or agency model. 

  • Participants will be able to: Explain the concept of Ikigai or Joyful Purpose and assess whether their birth business is their Ikigai.
  • Analyze their own doula experiences and discern where they are on the Gilliland Doula Novice to Expert Scale
  • Distinguish their own individual business challenges based on the Gilliland Doula Community Development Stages (I through V). 
  • Assess the market in their own community and their own unique target market.
  • Illustrate what their successful birth business looks like.
  • Outline a detailed action plan (aka, a map) directing them from their current situation to their desired future. 
  • Create three unique S.M.A.R.T. goals for their business. 
  • Express what problems their business solves for their target market.

What others have to say about Level Up:
"Your class opened my eyes wider to the whole picture and inspired me to take action! "
"Not only was Amy's presentation informative it was fun!"
"I'm so glad I did the marketing exercise ahead of time - it made it much easier to figure out my goals and next steps!"
"Amy had a way of making us feel like she was talking to each of us individually."
"Again Amy has a gift of making everyone in the room feel heard. WOW what a gift, we were in a Virtual world.”
“I am a part of a small group of doulas in my area and they really want to start a center, so I think this will help either solidify my own business, or help start something bigger than myself.”
“I have a plan!”

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