Powerful Prenatal Visits

This session is designed to increase participant’s confidence initiating a prenatal visit, introducing more sensitive topics and developing a rapport with expecting parents.  We will spend time turning the seven principles of Powerful Prenatal Relationships into personal actions (from the last chapter in Dr. Gilliland’s book, The Heart of The Doula).  Flexibility is built into the outline to meet the specific needs of the participants who are present that day.

Both Amy Gilliland and Cole Ramsey have spent hundreds of hours in prenatal visits and discussing the topic with experienced and novice doulas over the years.  We offer our expertise to you. 

Bring your Doulaing The Doula Training Manual (binder) and the Introduction to Childbirth Handout packet if you have one.

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the seven principles of powerful prenatal relationships to create value, empowerment and positive change in their own and their client’s lives.
  • Create an effective schema of topics to use at prenatal visits for a variety of client types. 
  • Determine best approaches to involving partners in their own prenatal relationship with the doula.
  • Characterize and reinforce that their primary role of support of their clients is the most valuable and helpful; rather than being a problem solver, fixer or educator.
  • Utilize the nine questions from the Debriefing The Visit Exercise to develop insight into themselves and their clients.

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