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As a researcher, educator, writer, speaker, and trainer, Dr. Gilliland has the gift of adapting to the needs of the group she is addressing. Any topic and learning activities can be tailored to meet your objectives for small groups of ten people or large groups of several hundred. She is a successful one or two day retreat leader as well as a keynote conference speaker.  
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*Powerful Prenatal Relationships
This session is designed to increase participant’s confidence initiating a prenatal visit, introducing more sensitive topics and developing a rapport with expecting parents.  We will spend time turning the seven principles of Powerful Prenatal Relationships into personal actions (from the last chapter in Dr. Gilliland’s book, The Heart of The Doula).  Flexibility is built into the outline to meet the specific needs of the participants who are present that day.

*Level Up Your Doula Business
This session brings together your joyful, creative playful mind and your analytical, organizational, goal oriented mind.  We will start with the concept of Ikigai or Joyful Purpose and the DTD Marketing Exercise in your training manual, and then use mind mapping techniques to tap into the creative part of your brain.

Laboring Brain - two women wearing hats - Doula hardhat and laboring brain hat.png Working With the Laboring Brain
New Course - 1 - 1.5 Nursing CE Hours  Dr. Gilliland explains the social, emotional, behavioral, neurological, and hormonal processes that intertwine to create the attachment experience of human labor and birth, and how our current practices influence the whether birth "succeeds" and how people relate to themselves and one another afterwards.

Adding To Your Labor Support Toolbox
4 Nursing CE Hours; 4 Instructional hours  In this fun and interactive workshop, nurses learn the most effective and helpful emotional and physical support strategies for laboring people. Examining the process of labor through a physiologic lens, nurses learn how to support the flow of oxytocin, lessen stress hormones, and improve outcomes. 

Newborn Communication Skills - Reading Infant Cues and Temperament
3 Nursing CE Hours; 240 minutes (4 instructional hours)
This workshop is designed to increase the skill and accuracy of perinatal professionals in recognizing one to four month old infant cues to 85% agreement.

Communication Skills for Birth Professionals 
(2, 3, and 4 hour lengths available; 2-4 DONA approved continuing education hours) 
This session focuses on understanding people’s needs and interests more deeply, enhancing communication between caregiver and client, and utilizing advocacy skills.

Trauma Prevention and Support for Laboring People with Hidden or Existing PTSD
2 Nursing CE’s; 120 minutes. 1 CE session available when added to “Your Labor Support Toolbox”; 75 minutes
This informative session covers the normal and altered neurological function of the attachment and defense systems in the laboring person’s brain; research on how pre-existing PTSD alters social behaviors and labor coping; and actions and interventions that can be taken by medical careproviders and labor support team members to prevent further trauma of the vulnerable laboring person and positive labor progress.

Advanced Positioning Strategies
2 Nursing CE’s; 120 minutes
Participants learn in more depth about pelvic anatomy and positioning with several different applications.

General Sessions

Why Are We Trying To Turn Men Into Women? Meeting a Father’s Real Needs During Labor    
2 Nursing CE’s; 120 minutes
Taking a biopsychosocial approach to understanding male behavior and needs during labor, Dr. Gilliland utilizes gender theory, highly regarded studies, and her own original research to increase the effectiveness of perinatal professionals.

From Lovers To Parents and Back Again: A Time of Shifting Sexual Identity
2 Nursing CE’s; 120 minutes
This session reviews research to date and offers concrete suggestions during this life transition to a new identity.

The Doula Effect: How and Why a Birth Doula Shortens Labor, Enriches Parenting, and Optimizes Mental Health Outcomes  
2 Nursing CE’s; 120 minutes
In this informative, research based session, Gilliland presents her original thesis and dissertation research using the application of attachment theory to explain the “doula effect”. 

Hospital Based Doulas: Challenges, Benefits, and Best Practices for Program Success
1 or 2 Nursing CE’s; 60 to 120 minutes  
Dr. Gilliland illuminates the necessary skills, client expectations and needs, and nature of support provided by hospital based doulas.

Circumcision Counseling In A Time of Cultural Change
1 Nursing CE hour; 75 minutes
In this session, Dr. Gilliland explores the dilemma faced by professionals and solutions for tailoring information for different audiences with clashing values.

Top Ten Challenges for the Doula Profession
2 DONA approved CE hours; 120 minutes
Originally developed on request by the Northwest Doula Association, this innovative talk weaves together the legacy of early birth doula pioneers and the current challenges faced by the profession.

"DoulasFacTransformationGrief-png"Doulas As Facilitators of Transformation and Grief
1.5 DONA approved CE hours; 90 minutes
In this powerful session, based on grounded theory methodology and 40 interviews with experienced doulas, Gilliland explores the ideas of doula work as a spiritual path and the doula as a facilitator of personal transformation in the modern world.

Relationship Violence and The Doula
1 DONA approved CE hour; 60 minutes
In this session, Gilliland utilizes her training as a perinatal professional and women’s advocate to speak compassionately and supportively about the issue of relationship violence.

Sexual Anatomy with Dr. Gilliland
1.5 DONA approved CE hours; 90 minutes
In this unique session, Dr. Gilliland uses sexual anatomy to explore pleasure and pain in birthing, pelvic musculature and positioning, sexual differentiation in utero, normal and disordered sexual organ development, physiologic pushing, and sexual activity as adult play. 

Radical Self Care at Midlife
No CE’s just personal fulfillment; 60 - 120 minutes
At midlife everything that was once known to be true is called into question.  Our identities change due to influences out of our control as well as past choices we've made.  Our bodies become treasured companions with a journey all their own.


*Why are some sessions longer than the number of nursing CE hours?

Material approved for continuing education must be in one hour increments only, no partial hours. Some topics have more than one hour but less than two. With other topics, some review is necessary to make sure all participants have the same background knowledge. Review material is not approved content for CE hours. 

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