Race Talk

Race Talks with Dr. Amy Gilliland.

WHAT:  Join skilled facilitator Amy Gilliland, Ph.D as we cover sensitive topics such as race, sexuality and gender. Issues of race will be centered in our conversation. However, sexuality and gender can't always be isolated from race. The intention of Race Talk is to increase understanding and compassion among participants. 

This is NOT an information session but an opportunity for us to discuss these topics together.  White people often do not talk about race in an intentional, focused way.  Race Talk offers the opportunity to do so with a knowledgeable facilitator.  What can I expect? 

WHEN: This series runs Wednesdays, August 5 - September 9, 2020, 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM Central Time

WHO: If this describes the type of conversation YOU would like to contribute to, you are welcome to join us. Sign up HERE. 

COST: A $10 or more donation to a perinatal care organization owned and run by Black people. Here is a list.  If you want it to be simple, Uzazi Village is suggested and has a PayPal link.  (If you have a preferred BIPOC program to donate to, choose that. Just keep money energy flowing into the Black birth community.) 

August 26, 2020 - Why Being Colorblind Isn't the Answer and Why Acknowledging Differences is So Revolutionary and Freeing 

Being blind to skin color is idealized in white society, but many people are unaware how it also blinds us to discrimination and the reality of the lives of people of color.  Declaring one's self to be colorblind effectively shuts down any conversation about race; it leaves our BIPOC community members feeling unseen and unsupported.  At it's most insidious, colorblindness actually perpetuates racist systems.  Learn more by reading this explanatory article, this longer article, and how teaching colorblindness to our children is harmful

September 2, 2020 - Black Families and Breastfeeding, What's the Difference?

Initially many White people assume breastfeeding is the same no matter what your background is. But that is not true when it comes to race in America. Let's talk about it. 

Please prepare for the discussion by reading two or more of the articles listed here: Seals-Allers;  ACLU;  NPR;  USGOV      Reserve NOW!

September 9, 2020  - White Culture Behaviors ARE How Bias Occurs in Perinatal Care

Today we'll examine common White culture behaviors and contrast them with Other Culture behaviors to see how they unintentionally introduce racial bias. Download this handout. Preparing for the discussion by THINKING mindfully about your own experiences as a birth worker or recipient of perinatal or medical care. Can you recognize these behaviors?  What do they tell us about what it means to be white?   Reserve NOW! 

 September 16, 2020 - Being Sick While Black

It can be eye-opening to realize that the medical care experience is not the same for everyone.  Download the article, Getting Sick While Black,  to prepare for our discussion focusing on White, Black, people of color, and/or immigrants in the medical care system.  Reserve NOW!

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