One to One Consulting

​​​​​​​Based on knowledge of how others have succeeded and my experience with negotiation and counseling, I can offer perspective and wisdom from years of doulaing others.

Consulting Services for Graduate Students and Researchers

As one of the few scholars in doula research, I have served as a content advisor for several graduate students at colleges where people are less familiar with the literature on labor support.  If you are interested, please email me with relevant information about your topic, research questions, and type of study.  I'm eager to help ensure quality research on doula support.  

How Could You Help Me As A Mentor?

Mentoring services are available for individual birth doulas and doula groups. As a mentor I can work with you for just one hour or over a period of several months. We can meet in person, speak over the phone or Skype. For people with unreliable wifi, email is also possible. Mentoring services are confidential.

Rather than being restricted to a particular topic, my mentoring services are applicable to a wide variety of situations. I encourage you to send me an email reviewing your situation or setting up a brief phone call to discuss whether I would be able to help you.

Most mentoring services tend to focus on developing a business and building confidence in support strategies. But what about unusual and challenging situations?

  • What if you had three crappy births and know you need help releasing them before you can serve another birthing family?
  • What if you made a mistake and need guidance on what to do next?
  • What if a rogue doula is “ruining it for everyone” in your community?
  • What if your established doula program is about to fall apart because a new physician “doesn’t like doulas”?

Besides these topics, I have also been contacted by:

Pre-doulas usually want to discuss…

  • Is birth doula work right for me?
  • The effects of past birth experiences

Newer doulas who are interested in…

  • Getting along with experienced doulas
  • Marketing services in their communities
  • Feedback and confidence building in serving their first clients
  • Scope of practice issues
  • Knowing when to refer a client and how to do it

Experienced doulas or doula groups tend to be more interested in…

  • Developing strategies for prenatal meetings that meet specific goals
  • Counseling services for challenging births and unexpected outcomes
  • Feeling like they “failed” at a birth or as a doula
  • Assistance for working with nursing staff, physicians, or midwives
  • Healing conflicts in doula communities
  • Dealing with rogue doulas
  • Influencing hospital policy regarding birth doulas

Why ask Amy?

As a result of over 25 years in the doula profession, doula training and as a doula researcher, I have a vast knowledge of what has worked in the past and for other doulas in many regions of North America. In my career I have listened to over a thousand doulas share their experiences and formally interviewed over a hundred. I have attended over 50 perinatal conferences, and spoken at almost two dozen. I regularly provide education for nursing staff and understand medical care provider’s concerns.

My goal is to doula you in finding your own right answer and to build your confidence to take the difficult next step.


Mentoring services are available for $200 for each 50 minutes session; or 3 sessions for $600. Special arrangements can be made for long term agreements. 

Contact Amy to arrange for a free 15 minute consultation.



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