Virtual Visits And The Social Brain

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Virtual Visits and the Social Brain introduces learners to the concept of a social brain, how it works, and how understanding it can improve all your relationships. Sound too science-y or boring for you? It's not! I make it easy to understand and relate to. That's my job! The last installment of the course shows how to use this information when relationships with clients is limited to virtual visits (video calls). Learn how to build those connections that just come naturally when you are all in the same room. This one hour course is offered at a very low price for one CE or for FREE as our sampler class. Investment: $40 or FREE

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

1. Describe when the social brain is activated and what brain parts are most active. 

2. Illustrate what an internal working model is and how human babies develop one. 

3. Relate their own experiences of attachment, defense, and caregiving when outlining these three social brain systems. 

4. Conclude the importance of the amygdala in daily functioning and in activating memories that may affect our implicit bias.

5. Restate the importance of mirror neurons in learning and in attuning to another's feeling state. 

6.  List nine strategies to use in virtual settings when relating to others; these strategies make up for the loss of non verbal communication signals. 

7. Model several examples of biobehavioral regulation of another human's emotional state; list the importance of this activity to human mental health. 


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