Hi! I'm Dr. Amy L. Gilliland, an independent PhD researcher and educator.  My joy is taking research and making it useful for people -  in a wide variety of ways! 

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Childbirth Educators, Open Your Doors!
Open Your Doors, Childbirth Educators! Why Not Teach Anyone Who Wants To Know About Birth?
Doula Support
Diagnosis wood letters
When the Doula’s Client Receives A Diagnosis

A diagnosis is the identification of a medical condition that affects the future of the person receiving it. It may be minor or life altering, temporary or permanent. Some…

Feedback from Dr. Gilliland's Course Participants

  • Even with three hundred people in the room, we felt involved and engrossed in the topic. Amy had us interact with others several times which made her lecture time seem really short.  I wish she’d come back every year!

  • Amy has a great background in research that really enriches the workshop. She is very enthusiastic about birth work and the difference it makes.  The atmosphere was amazing, so relaxing and inviting!

  • There was never a time that I lost interest and Amy teaches in a way that I fully understood everything.